Where should we look for the gold medal? 

On January 3, 2015 I enlisted the help of Jared Stapleton. He is the President of the Metro Coin and Banknote Company. Mr. Stapleton specializes in searching for coins, banknotes and collectibles. I have asked him to make inquiries within the coin, bank note and collectible community about medals awarded for golf generally and in particular George Lyon’s gold medal from 1904. For a link to Mr. Stapleton's website go to www.metrocbc.com 

What if we find the gold medal? 

Clearly, this gold medal should rest alongside George Lyon’s trophy in the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. I look forward to the day when we find the medal and celebrate its return to public viewing where it can inspire young and old Canadian golfers for years to come.

If anyone has an insight, an observation or any clue about the whereabouts of George Lyon’s gold medal please feel free to email me at mcochrane@btzlaw.ca

Let the search begin!